Changing Regional Settings for all users at once


Hello, I hope you are well.

Well, to be blunt and direct


In my organization, we noticed that Office - more precisely Excel - Online is showing different regional settings in our country. And this causes error when performing calculations and projects.


Even changing and correcting, when we used the same program again, the error was always there. This in different browsers, different machines, with different OS.


Well, I realized that this is a fix that I can perform through Onedrive Settings, Regional Settings and then everything is resolved.


It turns out that we have about 70k (seventy thousand) users with surprising levels of ability to perform a great deal of trouble with this simple orientation.


What I want to do is, being a local Administrator, is to change this configuration for all users. The question is: Is there any way to do it?


Thank you all very much for your attention.





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The OneDrive forum is the wrong place to address issues with Office 365 online issues.

However - to be blunt and direct - I know from long experience that regional settings for those outside of English(US) locale are a total ******* disaster throughout the suite. There are websites dedicated to enumerating the problems, and were hundreds (if not thousands) of posts on Microsoft's UserVoice forum detailing issues (until that was closed down).

In brief the apps and platform services like SharePoint and OneDrive do not follow settings of your tenant, user profile or browser in the way that consistently works in the desktop apps. Furthermore, documents generated from SharePoint sites do not follow the locale setting of the site! OneDrive settings are irrelevant to the story and indeed, the options are very limited for anyone trying to get dd-mm-yyyy dates in its online file display. Teams is an even bigger mess as it has user-based language settings of its own,

All I can recommend is that your company take this to Microsoft as a pressing issue. I raised it to Microsoft product managers during a Q&A at an Ignite event several years ago and got a standing ovation from the audience.
First of all, thanks for the feedback...

Well then.. I really get a little upset because you end up being right. A disaster is the best term for this question. I found some tips via Powershell to perform the configuration but they all go wrong, between one or the other the error is "cannot change after the site template has been applied"... But that's ok... I'll take advantage of a Ticket that I have opened with MS and analyze this situation. Thank you very much for the feedback.

I'll keep it open for a few more days in case any good soul friends have any tips... Big hug to all!!!
I don't know if I'm calm because it seems I'm not the only one who has some difficulties in understanding these relationships heheh or sad because it shouldn't be so complicated to perform some simple operations...

Well I tried using
Set-SPOSite ... -localeid 1046
set-PnPTenant ... lcid 1046
And in both situations I got the following error:
"The Lcid property cannot be set after the site template is set."

Does it mean anything to friends?
Having a good idea of the readership of this forum, I repeat my first statement: "The OneDrive forum is the wrong place to address issues with Office 365 online issues." OneDrive is a small corner of the Office 365 ecosystem.
Okay, but I don't really understand...
Do you suggest taking this matter to the "Office 365" Topics or ending the attempt?
Yes. Asking questions about Office 365 settings in a OneDrive forum is like asking for general medical advice in a forum specialising in feet.

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