VBA and Excel Online

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I have a client whose Excel applications are all using the online version.  The current project requires VBA.  It appears that VBA is not available in the online version.


Can I create a desktop version and somehow have the results uploaded to the client's Office 365 One Drive. Will it strip out the VBA if I can upload it?


How is the interchange between VBA enabled desktop and Online Excel happen?



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Hey @richlocusoutlookcom ,


The macros should stay intact, though you can't run them in excel online but you can very well create a file using desktop app and upload it.

Ref : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/work-with-vba-macros-in-excel-for-the-web-98784ad0-898c-4...

The online "alternative" (likely won't replace the VBA you need) is Office Scripts which do run in the browser - https://docs.microsoft.com/office/dev/scripts/develop/scripting-fundamentals.