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Hi All -

My company recently moved to Office 365 and now I am unable to link to my Outlook email via the desktop app. I had 2 corporate emails linked to Outlook, my company and then the client I was on assignment with. With my old client email I was logged into their Office 365 platform. Once that assignment ended, I deleted the email from the server and also logged out of all of their Office 365 products. What's occurring now is that since my company has moved over to Office 365, when I log into Outlook, the pop up to enter my username and password is showing my old client's info and not my company's. I changed the Office account in Outlook from my old client's to my company's information but I am still being prompted to enter my information from my old client's Office 365. How can I change this?

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It sounds like you might need to remove the old account from Outlook, go to "File" > "Account settings" > "Account settings", make sure you're work account is set as default and remove the old client one.

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Hi Paul,

I did all of that and just confirmed my old email account is no longer associated with my Outlook. I even went to the Office Account via Outlook and removed my old account and added my work email account and it took but every single time I try to connect correctly I am getting the office 365 pop up of my old client and not my company account.


It's quite frustrating because I even allowed several days before accessing thinking that the server just needed to update and that still didn't work. I don't know what to do at this point because it seems to be an easy fix.

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I was able to resolve the issue. As soon as I connected to a different network, the correct log in screen appeared and my corporate emails were able to sync.