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I am planning to migrate my business' Godaddy Microsoft 365 email to pure Microsoft 365 email (directly with Microsoft). I do all of my productivity planning in To Do online app and I am concerned that I will lose important information during the migration. Does anyone have experience with a similar migration and can you please tell me which of the following information was successfully transferred?


1. Lists

2. List categories

3. Tasks

4. Task categories

5. Tasks importance (the star)

6. Task notes

7. Task attachments

8. Archived lists and tasks, and their notes and attachments


For those who want to know how the migration is going to work: I have bought new 365 Business Standard plans (with an interim domain) directly from Microsoft and created interim users for all my existing users with Godaddy. The next step is to ask Godaddy to create PST files and disconnect my existing domain. This is where I am not getting a clear answer — will the PST files contain all of the information above so that my To Do will appear exactly as it was before?




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Hello, @JohannesJP, I had the same experience recently, and here are the steps that you can follow:


1. The first step is purchasing an Office 365 plan from Microsoft directly, this is covered from your side.


2. Create mailboxes on the new subscription with the use of the default (temporarily).


3. The third thing you have to do is performing an IMAP migration to move the data of the mailbox.


4. After the process of migration, delete the custom domain from your Office 365 plan in GoDaddy.


5. Now you'll have to cancel your Office 365 subscription in GoDaddy.


My suggestion is to contact the Godaddy Support team to learn all the needed details.


6. In this step you can add and verify your domain in Office 365 and change the user mailboxes from to the verified domain. Moving DNS takes about up to 48 hours to do everything.


If you have any more questions, check this article, in the comments you can find the answer to your question about PST files.


One more suggestion - before any migration process, make sure your Microsoft 365 is protected and recoverable.