Outlook Navigation Pane Shortcuts

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I have a user that uses Outlook Navigation Pane shortcuts extensively. On Monday 1/7/19 his shortcuts disappeared. Is there a way to recover these or a location they are saved in for future reference?

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Hi Micah_Bailey90,

The shortcuts should be contained, in Windows 10, in an XML in located here -


The list may still be there. Hope that helps and answers your question.

Best, Chris

I have looked for an XML file there. The user in question does not have one. Is it possible that an Outlook update erased it or something?

Could very well be. If you rebuild the Outlook profile it should repopulate with another XML

Best, Chris
I have the same problem.
I am using
Version 1908 (Build 11929.20254 Click-to-Run)
Every day I lose yesterdays newly built shortcuts in the Outlook Navigation Pane ShortCuts