Is this possible /Google to Office

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Our current set up is as follows :


1. Customers fill out Google Forms ... which creates automatically a

2. Google Sheets spreadsheet... which using a add on (Ultradox, Autocrat) automatically generates 2 different 

3. Google docs


Is this possible with Office 365?

Automate docs on trigger when a customer responds?

I am so tried of glitches with the add ons with Google and NO customer service even with paid accounts.

We have a business to run and need reliable functions. 
If this is possible I will try the free trial and if I can set up a sample like we currently have it, then I can show my boss. 

Would appreciate honest opinions.






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There's a Forms in Office 365 which is now in public preview that you can use for your customers. For more details, you may visit this site:

Thank you so much for the link! I will go there now.

Thank you again! Just briefly going over it, its very simular to Google Form. 

My big question is, as I see you can have the responses go to spreadsheet just like with Google, but is there something to trigger documents to automatically be generated from templates as the responses come in?

For the auto-generated responses, you can see it under Responses tab in Forms and it will help you to visual feedback in real-time. For the automatic creation of documents from templates, I haven't tried it and read similar feature like that with Forms but the closest thing is the integration on Excel spreadsheet.

Yes, I understand the responses can be seen in Forms, but I am referring to when the response automatically goes into the Excel spreadsheet.

Currently, when the responses comes in, it goes to spreadsheet (Google Sheets) and as soon as it hits that spreadsheet its a trigger to generate the documents. In Google Sheets this is where add-on comes in that lets you set the trigger and it auto generates. Problem is, its not always reliable anymore and too many gitches with no customer service.  

Is this possible here in MS ???

I think Forms don't have this feature but I also think this is something that can be done with some programming

@Lalla Lilley 
Along with all the options everyone provided, I'd suggest one more alternative. You can try setting up an automated workflow between Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Office 365 using no-code integration platforms. There are several platforms that offer such integrations. I am using to set up these workflows. So when a customer responds to your Google Forms, you can automatically get it updated on your Google Sheets. The same modifications will be updated on Google Docs and Office 365 instantly because in tools like you can integrate more than two apps to create a fully functional automation sequence. 

Hope I have helped.