How can I escalate issues in Office 365?

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I opened a support query last Friday due to outgoing emails being restrcited / marked as spam when they are genuine emails. (customer receipts, we've been sending these for 2 years without issue and they fall withing O365 send limits).


On Saturday I provided the technician with required info (had to copy and paste headers, attach emails forward emails etc.). Today was asked to provide same information again. Having now spent 2 hours on this I would like to speak to someone who can fix the problem!


Is there an official route to escalate this?

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Global support phone numbers are here

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

The official path is through support, only the engineer can escalate the issue. If he's giving you trouble, ask for a manager, etc. You can also try pinging Russell in this thread:

Thanks - I will give them a call and see if they can assist further.


Hi @Russell Read

are you able to assist at all? Not getting anywhere with support and nearly a week has passed since reporting the issue.