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Happy New Year!


We use O365 in one tennant for a foundation of schools.  In the GAL are staff and students, with the latter being identified as "(Student)" in their display name as well as having a warning in the Tool Tip.  Both staff and students are on the same domain name.


Is there a way (in Security & Compliance Policy?) to flash up a warning to staff who are sending emails to students?  We have a few repeat offenders who do not check their work before submitting (so to speak) and end up emailing students confidential information.

E-Mail is usually sent by Outlook client, however may also be online via a browser.  Small percentage via the Outlook App.


Security & Compliance Conditions look almost there, but under Rules ideally we would want "Sent to" and then pick the "All-Students" distribution list.  However this is not an option.


Any Help and Advice appreciated.

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Basically what you could do is enable a "ToolTip" for every student mailbox. It then appears like an Out of office tooltip on the Teachers outlook when sending a mail out.

Otherwise you might want to seperate the GAL so the students have their own GAL and vice versa.


In the SCC you should be able to select a group. Just create a group with all students in it :)