World's largest analysis of Microsoft Teams reveals top habits of digital super teams


SWOOP Analytics has released its 2021 Microsoft Teams Benchmarking Report, an analysis of almost 100,000 teams across the globe, and identified the world’s best performing digital teams using Teams.

These digital super teams, from organizations including US health insurer Humana, Cricket Australia and New Zealand Post, share common practices like working transparently in Teams channels to collaborate, having a clearly defined sense of purpose to direct their work, a focus on operations and outcomes, and they typically operate in teams of 3-8 people.


SWOOP’s report, the world's largest and most comprehensive analysis of Microsoft Teams, also reveals 97% of teams are under-utilizing digital teaming functions, indicating a huge potential to improve collaboration, communication and business value with Teams as work moves to digital platforms.

The analysis covered a three-month period during the COVID-19 pandemic, using real-time data to see how people worked.


Other key findings include:

  • Chat was the most-used function on Microsoft Teams.
  • An average of 28 times as many Teams chat messages are sent compared with every Teams channel message sent.
  • Chat is replacing email as the preferred channel for internal one-on-one communication.
  • There was a significant rise in personal activity from pre-COVID-19 levels but few are suffering from digital overload.
  • In 2021, there has been a 20% increase in self-directed digital teams as teams become focused more on operational outcomes.

“Our benchmarking shows most teams are not utilizing the platform to its fullest extent and there is so much potential to improve collaboration in the digital space,” said SWOOP CEO Cai Kjaer.

“With the world unlikely to ever return to pre-COVID-19 office environments, it’s so important to capitalize on the digital functions in platforms like Teams for better productivity.”

SWOOP’s 2021 Microsoft Teams Benchmarking Report provides best practices, guidelines and measurements to improve and compare Teams performance.


Download the full report:

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