What constitutes as 'Unknown' in Call Queue Call Result in Call Queue Analytics from teams.

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Hi all,


I'm using the AA/CQD historical reports in Power BI and in the data for some Call Queue actions i'm receiving Unknown / Other.




We have confirmed that one of our agents was forwarded / answered this call specifically in the time-frame (there was only one item in this time-frame so it was easy to drill down.)


In the dimensions posted here (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/aa-cq-cqd-historical-reports) the 'other' and 'unknown' are pretty vague. see: 'An unknown condition has occurred'.


I'm just curious if there's any way to find out why this went to unknown even though it was answered by an agent. (The call doesn't exist under the agents timeline either.) or if I'm at the behest of what data I am returned.



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I would also like to know the answer to this. A majority of our call queue results end up in this status and also coincides with IsAbandoned being 'true'.
We are also having this issue.
Thanks for pointing that out!

We are seeing the same issue. We route our calls through an older PBX system that handles advanced time flows and can see the calls there. The fCallQueueAnalytics query is showing the correct calls and durations that match our PBX, but almost half of the calls have the "unknown" in the "Call Queue Call Result Legend" column.