Webcam image is horizontally flipped

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When video conferencing in Teams the image is flipped horizontally.  I cannot find any options to flip the image to the correct orientation like you can do in Skype 4 Business.


Any news on when this functionality is coming?



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@Linus Cansby This is NOT true.  I tested it with a coworker.  While on a video call I asked him:  "Which hand do you think I have up?"  I had raised my right hand.  He said: Left.  I then showed him sign on the wall and asked what it said, he told me it was a mirror image of the sign, all the letters were backwards.

I still have this issue with the video image being flipped from my laptop. I don't have any options to correct the issue and change the rotation of the image that displays as upside down.
This is still an issue with Microsoft Teams and the webcam is flipped upside down. There are no options in the settings to update or modify the webcam settings. How can this be resolved or when will it be resolved?



 Hi, Just had the same problem with mirror image in Teams.

Restarted the PC and it came out the right way.

Strange, but have seen other issues with the camera when connecting to Logitech Group with the PC up and running, and all of them have been solved by rebooting the PC.


Shutdown the PC first, connect to system and see if that helps.

Not sure if this will work for everybody but it solved our problem for now.

Good luck!

@Technodude I resolved this issue by editing the picture to be a 16:9 ratio to match my webcam image. Give that a try and see if it works for you!

The issue is related to older laptops that convert from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I have an ASUS laptop and the WebCam driver is not compatible with new Conferencing software like Syke and Microsoft Teams. However, Zoom provides a 360 flip option that allows you to fix the flip video issue. I am not sure why Microsoft does not include the option to fix the video from the Setting options. Zoom has the fix available which is why many with older systems or laptop prefer to use Zoom software foe video conferencing.


You other option that worked for me is to purchase a new stand alone WebCam. When you pull it into the older laptop USB it is recognized and installs the laptop. As an FYI, many older laptops dont have Bluetooth technology. So, you will need to purchase a WebCam with USB plug and play installation. By purchasing the stand alone WebCam, I changed the options in Skype and Microsoft Teams to use the new WebCam. It is a cheaper solution vs. purchasing a new laptop with a built in WebCam.


Good Luck,


@RailacademyNorway My WebCam Drive was the issue. I have the latest update for my older ASUS laptop. Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams or Skype does not give you the ability to adjust the inter WebCam. The cheapest solution is to purchase a new WebCam with USB connectivity. Then, in either Microsoft Teams or Skype, you go to the settings and use the new WebCam bypassing the older internal WebCam.

I just had a teams live event and the audience saw everything mirrored like I was watching on my screen. I am in the military and when it looks like my commander is saluting with the wrong hand it sends a bad message!!!!

Not enough features built into the video settings- need adjustable soft focus, and ability to flip background and always make it "what you see is what they get".  In other words, just copy Zoom already!


Thank you.

Now, where is that post button?  Sigh....

After weeks of reading and trying everything including registry hacks I finally found a solution that works for me.  My son goes to school remotely and the mirror image issue makes it impossible for him to hold up his worksheets for his 1st grade teacher to review.  Quite frustrating to say the least. 


I went to the Microsoft store and installed the "Camera Alternative" app.  It does not offer any settings to change the orientation but it corrected the mirror image issue for me on Teams and other apps that were showing the mirror image issue.  It's absolutely asinine that MS can't fix this issue and pretends it doesn't exist.  It's almost enough to make be buy a Mac.   @Technodude 

No it doesn't @Tom_Akers !


Teams will show only you a preview of your video flipped, your son's teacher will see the video the correct way round, not flipped. By using some app to flip your image first, although it might now look correct to you it will be flipped for his teacher.

@Tom_Akers Your kid's teacher will see the normal non-mirrored image and read it just fine. The only difficulty is if you or your kid is trying to read it in their own monitor while sharing. That's like trying to read in a mirror, even though your mirror is "seeing" it just fine. 

@Linus Cansby  Why can't we configure the camera to work the way we think it should?  Did Microsoft actually do usability tests before deciding we had no choice in this matter?

@efglynn Voting for the uservoice is the best way to get a change.

Toggle video camera mirroring on or off for Teams calls – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


Microsoft tests all functions before releasing them, for Teams they are working with different rings and releases features internally first, then to some organisations, TAP users etc, and finally to all Teams organisations. So either they haven't got any comments or they decided that a toggle switch for video mirroring was not that important compared with other features.


Agreed this is very poor to teach with. I as well use an ATEM mini as I teach in a technical environment and use multiple camera angles and PPT from a second computer. This makes TEAMS almost useless to teach with. ZOOM is what I have been using without issue as it has the flip screen option. The resolution from teams is better but I cannot move over until this gets fixed. Anyone using the camera as a document camera through a capture card will find this impossible to work with. MICROSOFT please PLEASE fix this.

Microsoft's testing is often inadequate. The process to fix anything is glacially slow.

@Technodude : On teams, I am seeing right image but the other person/people on call are seeing mirror image or flipped image. This makes my face look bigger on one side and is cause of constant embarrassment. Zoom and Skype have toggle button to switch how other may be seeing you. 


Please share how I can change how others are viewing my video. I believe this is a basic function and would appreciate quick answer. Else, we would have to change the use of teams to zoom for entire organization. 

Agreed, this is exactly what should be done.

We had these basic video options even in Windows 3.11 time. :cool:


It is amazing how MS manage to loose many common options in the last decade. :facepalm:


Personal preview is not there to give me look at myself in a mirror, but to be sure that everything I am sending to others is presented in correct way.
Does someone from MS read our posts? It is not bug discovered after latest update.

or just sit upside down in your chair! @ERabinowitz