We need to prevent participants from muting and removing each other

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Hello. I am working for a private high school here.

We are using Microsoft Teams to give lectures, and classes to our students.

It was exhausting but we managed to give each of our students their own account.


The issue is that we have some students that are hard to deal with, and they usually interrupt the class, or mute random people or even kick random people from the meetings.


I searched everywhere but I can't find a setting or directive to prevent members from doing this kind of behavior. We want that only the teacher is able to mute and remove people.

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Make sure that your students are not presenters in the meeting. Only presenters can mute and kick out others.


@Linus Cansby great stuff. 


however, the only way i have found to do this is to create the meeting as a scheduled event... which then allows students to login BEFORE the meeting starts.

This is not ideal. I do realize there is a feature on the way due this month to stop attendees joining a meeting ahead of time before the Educator starts it.. but in the meantime we have been advising Staff to use the ad-hoc Meet Now approach...is there a way to adjust these meeting settings for students to be non-presenters for meetings when run ad-hoc? 







@aaronIT84 You can always enable the lobby so they wont be able to actually enter the meeting for a scheduled meeting. You could also simply do a "meet now" and change meeting options and just share out the link. 

Please watch this video -- students cannot disturb a teacher -- They cannot remove anyone -- They cannot mute anyone --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4sDEmODXKg



Thanks Vinod. Excellent video!


But alas... still creates the problem that allows students (inside of our Org) to join the meeting ahead of time and therefore use it as a meeting space with a Educator present. 

@aaronIT84  This can be done from meeting settings even during a meeting. But this has to be done from the meeting details menu. 

@Linus Cansby 

Hi / I think someone hacks or uses my profile without my knowing.I see that my profile removed someone from the group or as if I added someone to the group or As if I make someone the owner of the team . But i had not done it. I have no information about these. So I think someone uses my profile without my permisiion. What could be the problem? Is anyone hacking my profile? How can You help me? Thanks beforehand/

Nurana B.


This is not practical. We need a quick settings menu on the app. Unfortunately my school is a Portuguese Public School and must use Teams. I also use Zoom on another job and it's much, much better. Microsoft Teams needs huge improvements, it's not solid enough now. For instance, assignments are always failing...   

@MaximilianoCorbo  hi I'm a student can u tell me how unadd people that are anoyying



Hi to anyone following this thread!


There is now the ability as of a few days ago to manage the "Who Can Present?" role via a powershell cmdlet.



This resolved the issue for our Org and instantly stopped a headache! well done MS Teams! :D

Meeting policy settings - Designated presenter role mode

This is a per-user policy. This setting lets you change the default value of the Who can present? setting in Meeting options in the Teams client. This policy setting affects all meetings, including Meet Now meetings.

The Who can present? setting lets meeting organizers choose who can be presenters in a meeting. To learn more, see Change participant settings for a Teams meeting and Roles in a Teams meeting.

Currently, you can only use PowerShell to configure this policy setting. You can edit an existing Teams meeting policy by using the Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy cmdlet. Or, create a new Teams meeting policy by using the New-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy cmdlet and assign it to users.

To specify the default value of the Who can present? setting in Teams, set the DesignatedPresenterRoleMode parameter to one of the following:

  • EveryoneUserOverride: All meeting participants can be presenters. This is the default value. This parameter corresponds to the Everyone setting in Teams.
  • EveryoneInCompanyUserOverride: Authenticated users in the organization, including guest users, can be presenters. This parameter corresponds to the People in my organization setting in Teams.
  • EveryoneInSameAndFederatedCompanyUserOverride: Authenticated users in the organization, including guest users and users from federated organizations, can be presenters. This parameter corresponds to the People in my organization and trusted organizations setting in Teams.
  • OrganizerOnlyUserOverride: Only the meeting organizer can be a presenter and all meeting participants are designated as attendees. This parameter corresponds to the Only me setting in Teams.




Suddenly I was transported back to 1991, when I was using MS-DOS Do you really think that's a solution?! It's OK for you and me, but 99.99% of people using Teams don't know what PowerShell is. We just need a icon on that floating bar leading to simple settings.

@f1449  You have the option of managing the meeting policies in the Microsoft Teams admin center or by using PowerShell.




I'm using an Android tablet where you just can't do nothing with Microsoft Teams. How do I find the admin center? I guess is something related to office 365 but I don't know where it is. This set of tools (O365) seems a huge amount of confusing stuff, not user friendly.



There is a youtube video show you how to do this.  The teacher use live event to get around this issue, and it works for me.


Tan Lam

@f1449 . Are you the tenant admin? Sign in to portal.office.com. Navigate to Admin center. Select Teams. This takes you to the Team admin.

However, there some setting for Presenter options that you will need to run some  PowerShell cmdlets as administrator

Teams Admin.PNG



Agreed. Also in a teaching environment.

MS Teams needs improved controls in the Meet Now function in an education environment. Teachers need to be clearly set as presenters and students as attendees by deault.

Scheduling Meetings is only half of a solution because students can join before the meeting is scheduled to start and this is not appropriate in an education setting. It's also not very practical to only schedule the meeting a few minutes before because sometimes you're teaching back-to-back classes. Unfortunately, the lobby settings don't work because they're limited to in or out of organisation and all students are obviously part of our organisation.

Everyone in meeting ia Attendee though it is happening to me....i think it is technicle glitch in my account.


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