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We have 8 people on a daily video meeting in Teams.


Default setup gives 3 or 4 video screens and then rest only appear as small icons in the bottom corner. We need it so all 8 can be seen with the member speaking being a larger window and the others still visible in video, but in smaller tiles. (similar to how it looks in Zoom)


Is it possible to reconfigure settings?

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Currently it is 4 video streams maximum. There is a new view coming that will allow 3x3 (totally nine video streams). Unclear when this new feature will be released.

thanks @Linus Cansby ..... that's helpful to know. 


Also found a picture of it for you... 


Linus Cansby_0-1584445143817.png

@Linus Cansby Exactly what we need - let's hope it gets the update soon then!

@Linus Cansby 

Thanks for sharing the picture of 3x3 screen's participants. I would like to ask when this function is available for use on TEAMS. It will be great if we can view all participants in video meeting. 
Many thanks,

No date communicated for this, so it just wait and see.

How can my group at work see at least 4 people? @Linus Cansby 

In a video meeting you should see 4 videos as long as there are 4 other participants in the Teams meeting and you haven't pinned one video. Currently I've seen some problems that only one video is shown due to high usage of Teams, but that should be solved as soon as they scale up Teams services.

Right now we only see whomever is talking and the rest are in the initial bubble at the bottom of the screen along with my mini shot. @Linus Cansby 

I understand there is a big update coming at the end of April? Maybe included then?

Please tell me the update will be sooner than April ...


I am using this for my entire class and need it for 25-30 students.  What can be done so that I can see and monitor all my students?

Finally a Brady Bunch config!

I've seen that there are some problems currently that only one active speaker is visible (instead of four).  If you are using Teams Web App, try the desktop client instead.

We also need all participant viewable.  I am trying to wean my organisation of zoom, but when the capabilities are not equivalent it’s difficult.


With so many remote workers and groups due to Covid19 this is more important to us than ever.

@Daniel-Howell absolutely agree, it’s critical for all members to appear

@M_SAN04 Also very keen on this, especially with the working from home because of covid-19

@CamTheKiwi I know, I hope they make one of the next improvements to go live as it is definitely needed now more than ever!

did you find the answer how to see all four? @Linus Cansby 

did you figure out how to see all four? @Nicole005 

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Right, lots in this thread to unpack.


1. The 4 video view will work in the desktop app on Windows, Mac, Linux or the mobile app on Apple or Android. It is not possible in the browser. I don't believe this is likely to change in any useful time period.

2. The 9 video view is in development, and Microsoft have heard loud and clear from MVPs that it's important. As far as I know it won't be here during April.

3. The view you see will always be the students that talked most recently. If you keep your students muted and unmute to speak it shouldn't be confusing to work out who is speaking.

4. As the teacher you can select any of the students in your meeting to view their video by clicking on the ... next to their name in the list of attendees and selecting pin, once you have finished unpin to get back to active speakers.

4. Your school districts are probably wise to not permit the use of Zoom, they have a responsibility to not allow your student data to be accessed by third parties or several other risks. Look up zoom bombing if you think it'll be fine, or when zoom were sending data to Facebook without permission, or when hackers worked out how to access private meetings.

5. Teams has very good controls to allow you to keep order during a meeting, controlling who can speak, present etc. It's harder to achieve this in Zoom. Tips in my video attached.


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