Video Share is disabled by the Administrator

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I have been able to recreate this issue. If I schedule a Teams meeting with a guest user and the guest user uses web version of Teams and joins the meeting before I do (they sit in the lobby with mic and camera enabled) then when I join and they enter the meeting then they can see my video but I cannot see theirs.

When they try to to click the video icon its says "Video Share is disabled by the Administrator".

If I start the meeting before they join then the video works fine. Or, if they hang-up and rejoin then it will work.

I then tested with having them download the client and the same thing happens. I don't see any settings in the admin portal for this.


Any suggestions?

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Hi @Allan 


For the issue can you please check with the Office 365 Admin to check the setting on the Teams Admin Portal in the following location


Teams Admin Center > External Access > Guest Access > Meeting > Allow IP Video > Turn On


The above setting must be on for the Guest Access to share the Video in the Teams Meeting.


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Satish U

@Satish2805 This was the first thing that I confirmed that it is on. I believe if it wasn't then video would never work. 


Hi, Has there been any resolution to this? The only workaround we have found is to change the "meeting options" to restrict users who can bypass the lobby. This forces the guest to sit in a lobby until they are admitted in.


Unfortunately, you must make this change every time you create a new meeting, so it would be best if this was fixed by default. 


I can confirm that the setting you suggested does NOT fix this issue.


Please let me know if there is a setting I'm missing.

@ezavala, No solution that I am aware of. My work around is to ask the person to disconnect and then reconnect. I use guests access for a lot of interviews and this definitely doesn't make Microsoft or my company look very professional. 

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@Allan thank you Allan for posting this and for doing the legwork to figure out the exact set of circumstances that break video sharing for guests. I used your notes, and reproduced the situation exactly as you wrote it out.  I confirmed that if a Guest uses web client to join meeting, and they connect to the meeting BEFORE the Organizer does, Video Sharing will show as disabled by the Administrator.  If the Guest joins AFTER the Organizer starts the meeting, then Video Sharing works great.  We will advise our users to simply end the meeting and then immediately rejoin (Microsoft gives you a rejoin button after you end the call).


I reported this 'bug' to Microsoft 365 as well.

We've been experiencing this too, so in a way it's good to see others have.


Given that we don't appear to get this issue with licensed Teams users, and that the deciding factor seems to be that guests enter the meeting after the organiser (or are admitted via the lobby), I think it may be by design.  Whether accidental or deliberate, it means that a licensed user can't set up full-function Teams meetings on behalf of unlicensed guests unless they attend the meeting.  That's something Microsoft definitely wouldn't want people to be able to do.




I know this is an old(ish) question but I've just found this:


So apparently this behaviour is by design!


there is a user voice request to change it here -


please vote to support.

Another case of

Windows XP: Task failed successfully.



some times this problem occurs  unfortunately  you can use some other ways to share your video such as youtube wids or viemo