Using Teams for Coworking Spaces vs Slack


Hi, we are currently using E3 Office 365 licences for our team members and we are looking to switch from Slack to Teams in order to enable the communication with our community.


As far as I understand there is a limited ratio (1-5) for inviting guests in our channels in Teams. As we are a staff of 30 with a community of 300+ and growing this ratios is not working for us. 

Is there any option trough which we could use the Teams to enable communication withing our larger community? Currently we are using Slack for our domain and is very easy, however to would like to further integrate our Office 365 into our operations.


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For Teams there is no guest license or restriction how many guests you can invite per user. But there is a limit for Azure AD premium services, and that limit is 1:5. So if you have 10 Azure AD Premium P1 licenses you will be able to invite 50 guests using features included in the Azure AD Premium P1 license, like MFA.


And I recommend that you require your guests to use MFA and that is an Azure AD Premium P1 feature you need to consider licenses. So you could buy a couple of extra licenses that you don't assign to any users, since there is actually no hard limit for this.





Firstly, we need to understand that adding guests does not necessitate the purchase of an additional Office 365 license. Teams do not limit the number of guests you can invite. The overall number of guests that are added to your tenant is limited by your Azure AD licensing, which typically allows for 5 guests per licensed user.
In your case, you can make sure you have enough Azure AD paid licenses to cover guest users in the required 1:5 ratio once you've determined how many guest users need to access your paid Azure AD services. Guests that will be using PAID AAD services will have a 1:5 ratio.

For Example, if you have 20 licenses, you can only invite 100 guests.
For your reference:
If Everything works fine and you're looking forward to moving from Slack to Teams, you can have a check here -