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Just wanted to share an issue one of my users is having to hopefully find a solution. Every time someone tries to call her via Teams we get a "The person you're trying to reach isn't available. Try again later" and call drops. She is able make calls without issues. We have reinstalled Teams app on her machine, made sure her status is set as "Available" and tested on web app with same issue on her end. We have previously tested on another machine in a different office and it seems to work but she still gets this. Anyone else had this kind of issue that can share what can be causing this?




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It kind of seems like the user's upgrade mode is not set to Teams Only? I would check there. Teams Only is required for inbound calls to come to Teams, so setting presence etc. wouldn't matter and would still be handled in Skype, and if skype is uninstalled / not logged in etc, this would occur.

Or if the user recently got upgraded it could take some time.

Either true?
Thanks for the advice. Logging into SFB allowed her to answer. Getting IT to flip her to Teams Only...

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This is a case wherein if the users are not enabled on Island mode the Incoming calls would land on the Skype for Business Client and the Teams Client will be used for Outgoing calls. This is a typical issue. Hence while we are enabling Microsoft Teams Direct Routing it is recommended to have Teams Only Mode Enabled.


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