Upload failure for files from device (desktop)

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Every time I try to upload file it shows that the upload has failed in msteam (files tap-channel). Anyone knows how to fix this?

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Hi @LujainKamal ,


So just to confirm, you are trying to upload a local file on your machine by way of the Files tab of a Channel?


If so we know we are looking to SharePoint Online. So my first question would be, do we know if anyone has changed the permissions on the underlying SharePoint Online site? Such as perhaps you have Read Only access.


To test this, I would click on the Open in SharePoint link via the Files tab and see how far you get in SharePoint Online. You may also find that you get a more meaningful error when going directly via SharePoint.

Let me know if still not working and of any exact errors you received along the way please?





Hello@HenryPhillipsNimbitech ,

Yes, correct. I've been given the edit access and all team members have the same issue in our team. When trying to upload the file, it shows an "Sorry, there was a problem uploading this file. Please try again." without mentioning anything else.


And when I try to upload the file in sharepoint as you mentioned by clicking on Open in SharePoint. It shows as if I check-out the file. When I try to check-in the file, this message shows "The list item could not be added or updated because duplicate values were found in the following field(s) in the list: [Status].".


I would like to note that we also have missing metadata for our files. I found out that I had to open the files in SharePoint and click on "Edit all" to fill in missing information, then save it. Sometimes this works, other times it doesn't.


Thanks for replying. If you know anything that can help me, please share your thoughts and suggesstions.


Best Regards,

Lujain Kamal

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Ah OK, so you have identified the problem.

Unfortunately this is not a Teams issue as such as Teams just makes use of SharePoint. So if you are having issues in SharePoint, it is not going to get any better within Teams.

So someone has made modifications to the default Documents library, which for the best Teams experience is probably not advisable.

What I would recommend for future Teams, is that if a customised SharePoint Doc library is required, then either surface a SharePoint site via a Tab and interact with it on the page or add in an additional Document Library but leave the files tab default Documents library as is.

Back to the current issue, I would be looking to the modifications that have been made.





Can you kindly help me as to how get rid of this error which i am facing just recently in MS Teams. I was not experiencing this error a couple of weeks ago and also i am not facing this error if i use another machine. I can neither access nor upload files. 

MS Team error1 1.jpgMS Team error 1.jpg


How does OneDrive look outside of Teams. So either accessing via the web browser or the OneDrive Sync Client?




Hi Henry
Many thanks for your update.
We can use MS Teams both via web browser and Software/app installed on my laptop.
Both instances give the same error.
Issue occurs both at the time of uploading files and accessing online files sent by team members / teachers etc in  various assignments available in MS-Teams
Note: I wrote this reply to you the very same day but i made the mistake of replying from the outlook email. Now i am posting reply here. hope you will get my reply now.



I was hoping to see how OneDrive was looking Outside of Teams, as whilst it utilises it within Teams, if there is an issue with OneDrive outside of Teams it is going to transcend into being a problem in Teams.

So if you go to > Click on the Waffle menu or via the nice shiny convenient menu on the left as shown below and select OneDrive:



Does that allow you to see your OneDrive files.

Or equally if you have the Sync Client installed how does it show in the System Tray:



Once we can confirm the health in general of your OneDrive, which I am sure at worst it would probably be an authentication/sign in issue. We can then come back to seeing if it is just Teams specific.





Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech 

Kindly accept my apologies for the unforeseen delay in updating this thread.


I am able to access onedrive and its files successfully. Also i can upload files to one drive.


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