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Currently, we have Microsoft 365 Business Basic License for Emails/OneDrive and Other MS365 Applications.

We are purchasing Logitech Rally Plus with TAP which requires Team Room License (**As per logitech vendor) (https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/video-conferencing/room-solutions/tap.939-001950.html


Do we need a separate Microsoft Logitech Room License (https://www.microsoft.com/en-ww/microsoft-teams/microsoft-teams-rooms/compare-rooms-plans?market=pk)?


Can we use the existing MS 365 Basic License with Logitech Rally Plus TAP


Is Trial of MS Team Room Available 


Vendor is quoted us below SKU "Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard without Audio Conferencing (12 Month Subscription)" 

so without audio conf means that we can not make a call from PSTN network ?


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It's very important that you use a Teams Room license and not a Basic License. The Teams Rooms license it's equipped with all the features needed to run a Teams Room and more cheap than regular user's licenses.

However, it's possible to setup a meeting room with a Basic License. The most basic requirements is a mailbox and Teams. You'll just need to configure it properly to auto-accept invites and other parameters.

Give it a try and don't expect too much because malfunctions can happen without the right license. Keep in mind that is a "resource" and "room" type of "user".

Yes, there is a trial available at your admin's panel.

I don't know very well how the audio conf works but i expect that this "user" or "room" won't have a calling number to dial.