Unable to setup Microsoft Team meeting through Outlook

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I am unable to set-up a meeting from my outlook. when i click on new team meeting icon it opens the meeting invite dialogue box but the invitation to meeting to join get disappeared. Request if anyone could help on this. Attached Error screenshot 





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I have seen this before previously.

1.) Make sure you are in your organisations tenant in Teams, not someone else’s
2.) Make sure you have an audio conference licence it is assigned and it looks ok in the Teams Admin Centre
3.) Make sure Outlook has all updates (if it is saying it needs to be updated
4.) Close and reopen outlook. May involve killing the task via task manager
5.) Try to rebook

Let me know how you get on!

Best, Chris
Hi Chris, Please note that until last 2 weeks back i was able to set-up meeting in Outlook, only now i am getting error like the invitation link does disappear for others to join the meeting. I tried to uninstall and re-install also removed the Microsoft teams add-in and added but nothing works.
if you try using - does it work fine there? Or alternatively add the meeting on the calendar app in Teams itself?

@Rob Ellis I can't set-up Microsoft Teams meeting Also i tried creating the meeting invite from Microsoft teams itself but the same problem occurs The dial-in or Invitation link is missing. I have attached  error.




Hmm. As it is not working in the web version of Outlook it posits there is either an issue on the back end or a configuration change which may have caused this.

How about

1.) Removing and re-adding the audio conferencing licence in the Microsoft 365 Control Panel
2.) In the Teams Admin Centre go to Users > Your User > Account and see if Audio Conferencing is set to on

Let me know

Best, Chris

@Amruthamohan It looks like no Teams meeting information at all is inserted to your meeting in Outlook (not only missing dial-in-information). So I wonder if you tried this on another computer? 


When you tested on, did you have the option to create a Teams meeting? If yes, did you send the invite? The Teams meeting information in not added until you send away the meeting invite.

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@Linus Cansby 


Hi All,


The problem is resolved now.



The issue was there was a "Custom Invite" Add-in which was enabled in my Outlook which was causing the problem by taking a precedence for the meeting invite link. The support team has just disabled to "Custom Invite" then its working fine now.


Thanks all of you for your help.

Thanks for letting us know @Amruthamohan we will be mindful of this in the future

Best, Chris

This is very helpful.   I had been struggling to get this sorted for last few weeks.