Turn off Teams Preview by Default

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The world is NOT your beta testers. We have clients who need reliable phone systems, and pushing Teams Preview out by default and overwriting our very clear and specific requirements to stay in channel is a very unscrupulous way to create a whole bunch of beta testers that have their own work to do.

You should never override the will of the customer at your discretion. This is irresponsible behavior. These are business phone systems that need to be reliable, something that seems to go ignored at Microsoft because it's considered some cool new toy that people don't pay for when they most definitely do.

This has to get turned off by default.
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you can disable preview feature in TAC
if you are talking about Microsoft Teams client feature
don't know why you yell

@VNJoe You have complete control, by default if you deploy a preview version of Office Apps, Teams will follow, but you can control that with the Teams Update Policy. Users can switch in and out of Public Preview from the About menu.


Also to add, Public Preview isn't beta testing, it's as it states a preview of what will become generally available in typically 4-6 weeks. Lots of real testing is done by Microsoft and key customers before Public Preview.

@AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV   We do not have control.   We had policy set and new settings were pushed that we quickly flipped back the first morning these notices showed up!  We are still getting them.  We had this restricted to a small group of project users and have had a case opened for nearly two weeks that cannot answer the question why these messages keep popping up and we keep getting help desk tickets!

Nope not true ! It used to be!

@VNJoe  Did you figure this out?  I just discovered that all of our users are using the Teams Public Preview version, even though the default Global policy is not set this way.  The Global update policy says that users should only get the Public Preview of Teams if their MS Office is set to Current Channel Preview, and our users are all on the Quarterly Enterprise channel for Office.   I created a new Teams Update Policy and am applying it to users manually.  So far the Policy does not force their client to downgrade their version to the GA release, but it does remove the "Preview" notice and I can see specific Preview features get turned off.  


We've been dealing with a bunch of weird bugs in the client lately and I am really frustrated that they were getting the Preview version despite our policy being set to avoid this.