Teams Web App on MacOS - screen sharing missing

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I was trying to use Teams Web App and it works perfectly, except that I cannot share my screen. 

I am using Edge browser and it does have the permission to record screen:



But when I call somebody on Teams I am missing the option to share my screen:




I am using a Mac Mini with the M1 chip.

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Are you able to share your screen via the full teams desktop app?  If not, then this is going to be due to your meeting policy not having screen sharing enabled.


Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 20.12.39.png

Yes, I am able to share screen via the full teams desktop app.
Hmm, that puzzles me a bit. I can share my screen just fine from teams web client via Edge or Chrome on my Mac. No issues from desktop app either. So it can't be the policy then. Out of interest, why are you favouring the web app over the full app?
Are you like the person running or creating the meeting or are you an attendee because Its most likely you are the first one but just in case because it doesn't work as attendee
So at my work there is a conditional access set, which prevents us from logging in to the full app, unless you’re on a company machine. This is when I try to work with my personal Mac hence the web version. As a side note it works on a windows private machine.
No, this is when calling somebody directly and trying to share screen with them. I can see when the other person shares screen, but I cannot share mine.