Teams video crashes the internet connection when connected via ethernet cable

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I have a strange issue which I can not resolve.


When making video calls through my wireless internet connection everything is fine however when I make a video call through the ethernet connection it crashes every time without fail.  I have tried 4 different ethernet cables priced from £10 to £50 so its definitely not the cable and I just got my Sky router changed as I hoped that was the culprit however the same issue has arisen.


I need to use the ethernet connection as its a better connection to work remotely off the office VPN.


It is clearly a Teams issue as all other video calling software works fine, its just Teams that doesn't.


Any suggestions apart from stop using Teams?

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That is an odd one. You'd expect it to be the other way around.  First thing I would say is ensure Windows Updates are all up to date and applied?

Yes its very strange, I have been living with it for about 6 months its never worked, everything is fully up to date@PeterRising 

@GToner  Do you have any other device that you can try with the ethernet connection to check if the same thing happens?

I have now resolved this issue. the problem was that my ethernet cable was connected into a USB C adapter which housed other connections such as a second monitor, keyboard etc, and Teams for some reason crashed when using video through this connection. I now have a single ethernet adapter that connects into my USB A drive into my surface laptop and no longer have any issues. works like a dream!
I tried this method and it solved it for me as well!