Teams v2 - Meet Now says 'Meeting Ended' in channel

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Our org fully switched to Teams v2 last week - IT had been using it for the most part for ~2 months with no issues. Yesterday we started getting tickets from users that use the Meet Now functionality in their Team's General channel to have impromptu meetings throughout the day.


On Teams v1 someone would start the meeting, and everyone else in the channel would get a toast notification that a meeting had started. If they missed the toast they could go to the channel and click 'Join'.


In Teams v2 people are starting Meet Now meetings in the same channel, but no one is getting a toast notification, and when they asked people to join via chat, people would go to the channel and the meeting says 'Meeting ended'. Except, when they close and relaunch Teams v2, they can suddenly join the meeting. The bug is not apparent in either of the web versions of Teams either.


Screenshots of behavior:


I've opened a ticket with Microsoft (2311280010000070) and I'll keep everyone posted on that, just wanted to see if anyone else was affected. A lot of our users are saying closing and relaunching Teams v2 breaks their workflow and want to switch back to Teams v1.

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@paulyoungberg are they also invited as in personally invited to the meeting?

They are not, this is a Meet Now meeting started within the channel. The Teams v1 behavior did not require people to be invited once the meeting was started, instead, it toasted everyone that was a member of the channel.

@paulyoungberg , our clients and we are experiencing the same issue. Has MS Tech Support provided a resolution? 

No, it got eaten up in T1 and last update was a week ago.
To confirm, this still isn't fixed with an update 14 Jan 2004. Ridiculous, seeing as Teams is about meetings and this notification couldn't be more wrong.

Yep, this is happening in our Org as well. We're in education, trying to replace Google Meet, and its pretty hard to do when it doesn't work consistently. MS: Stop shooting yourselves in the foot with basic functionality like this not being fixed for months.

I've had this problem ever since I switched to new teams

I and other members of my organization are also experiencing this issue. We have a lot of rooms that are reserved for ongoing meetings (much like conference rooms) that are designed for people to jump into and out of. 

Since switching to the new teams, I am often unable to join these calls, as the meeting with show as having 'ended' even though I know people are still in there. If I restart teams, it often shows the meeting again and then I can join. This is very annoying having to restart Teams all day just to join meetings and chat with people to do my job.

I'm still seeing this in version 24060.2809.2788.1256 (24060.2809.2788.1256), "new teams". What's the best place to report the issue officially? (I'll do it.)

@sebbkraemer Microsoft Support ticket - feel free to drop a link to here in the ticket too.

This is also an issue in my office. This has been going on for months and regarding raising a ticket on Microsoft support, as soon as I select Teams as the issue type, it tells me I have to switch to a different section to raise a ticket but acknowledges that I don't have an account for that section, why separate them like that at all? Lacking service, no support, months waiting for a fix to this general issue with multiple updates to Teams during that time.

This is still an issue. Incredibly frustrating that Microsoft still hasn't fixed this. Microsoft Teams is a truly dismal experience and each update seems to make the overall application worse and nothing ever gets fixed.
Same here, and I hear a lot of complaints from my coworkers about this as well. We've got a two-pronged approach to work around it: quite a few coworkers have started to pre-emptively log off and on again a few minutes before our daily standup (using Meet Now), and some others have started to invite others that are showing online but not in the meeting.

It's a pretty annoying bug that a lot of people are hitting, and it's a shame it's still present after 6 months.

@Paul_1980  We are experiencing the same issue.  The workaround we have found is to start a new meeting, enter the meeting room and end it.  That seems to refresh the page and you can then enter the meeting which is running.   It would be great if this could be fixed, it's a pain.