Teams user shown as offline by external Skype for business users

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So I've added a couple of external contacts that are using Skype for business. The issue I've got now is that they can only see me as offline and they can't initiate a conversation with me since they are all receiving a message saying that I'm offline. 

However, if I initiate a conversation by writing to them they can respond to me as normal (I'm still shown as offline though).

Any ideas how to solved this?

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check that the DNS entries relating to Skype for Business are correctly added for your domain.
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Sounds like you are not in Teams Only mode and not using Skype for Business client. All your presence will show based on your Skype for Business client status unless you are in Teams Only upgrade mode.

@Chris Webb 

Thank you.

You were correct. I had only been using Teams with my new email address (new domain) and had not been logged on to SFB at all.
I downloaded the SFB client to my computer and logged on. Then I got a confirmation from the external contacts that I wasn't shown as Online.


However.. the issue now is that if they initiate a conversation it's shown in the SFB client and not the Teams client. Any idea how to solve that? 

Yeah. Switch your upgrade mode to teams only. You can change it for your whole org or just yourself in the teams admin center. Once changed Skype can only be used for joining Skype meetings and all chats including external will land in Teams. The change once made can take 24 hours or so to take hold as well so keep that in mind.
Thanks. I'll try this and get back to you with the results :)

@Chris Webb 

The changes were made to "Teams Only" yesterday. 

I checked with my external Skype contacts this morning and they now see me as yellow (away) instead of online/available.

When I check the Skype for Business client I'm set to "inactive" and there's also a text saying "Your IMs and calls are going to Microsoft Teams". However I'm not able to change my status in Skype for Business.

So my Teams status now is set to "Available" and my Skype status seems to be permanently set to "Inactive".


I tried to close down the Skype for Business client and then changed between statuses in the Teams client to check if my appearance changed towards my external contact, but they still said that I was shown as yellow(away).

Give it time. It can take longer than 24 hours sometimes to fully process everything.

@Chris Webb 

You were right. This afternoon everything seems to be working as intended!

When I switch between statuses in Teams it's also visible for my external contacts that are using Skype.


Thank you very much for the help!