Teams Shift Reporting in PowerBI

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For a couple of years now I've been using PowerBI to aggregate monthly Teams Timeclock and Shifts exports so I can see Shifts data across multiple years with some really useful measures and reports for payroll, staff management, data accuracy, etc.


I'm just in the middle of tidying up my PowerBI model to do things like:-

  • automatically process Shifts and Timeclock exports when they're dropped into a folder
  • split out periods of holiday into individual days so I can report leave across any period
  • tying up Shift activity with Timeclock reports

I've decided that it's probably best to continue using the exports as they are a point in time and therefore offer a good audit for payroll, etc. BUT... I was wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on this?  Does anyone use GraphAPI to grab this data?


BTW I'd be happy to share the PowerBI model with anyone who might find it useful too (when its finished) and it runs on PowerBI desktop so you don't need a paid PowerBI license.

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I am actually interested in doing something similar to this (creating a PowerBI report leveraging Microsoft Shifts data).

I am curious how you leverage the exports in your report? As in, do you take the data and drop it into some table, or are you using those files as the source themselves?
I’m currently using the ‘Folder’ datasource in PowerBI desktop because it will process all Shifts exports in that folder so no action is required other than putting a new file to that location.
Downside is it’s only available on PowerBI desktop… which is why I’m currently looking to automate the export into Dataverse by using Graph API.
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