Teams Rooms compatibility matrix capture card

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Hello everyone, I have a Teams Rooms related question. 


We want the achieve screen sharing over HDMI.

The users in the meeting room just plug in a HDMI cabel in their laptop and you can see the screen in the meeting.


Is there a compatibility matrix for supported capture cards?

There is one for zoom rooms, as you can see here: 


Thanks in advance!

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@deltra70 For a Teams Room you purchase a supported bundle of hardware, which includes a capture card if HDMI in is included. You don't get to pick your own hardware.


Here's a list of the Teams Room hardware Microsoft Teams Rooms Packages and Systems | Teams devices



@deltra70 Screen sharing is available on all Windows based devices.  On Android based Teams Rooms, it is just Yealink at the moment, but all other vendors will follow shortly.

Hi @deltra70, did you finally found a compatible device for sharing over hdmi ?

We also buid our own MTR, but screen sharing is the last part we cannot provide