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My company's Teams room device is acting up a bit. I have a Microsoft recommended setup - Logitech Tap, Lenovo micro form factor PC, Rally camera, etc. The TV is a 90" Sharp TV that is about 10 years old now. Recently, I've had reports the TV is taking a long time to wake up when a meeting starts - sometimes as long as 15 minutes. 


We rarely power off the TV and just let the power setting control of the PC control it. 


To my understanding, if someone walks into a Teams room and wakes up the Logitech Tap, the TV should also wake up at the same time, correct? For me there is about a 15-second delay when waking up for the first time. 


It's the meeting part I am most worried about. For our CEO to start a meeting and the TV is black for 15 minutes is pretty embarrassing. Has anyone had similar display delay issues? If so, what fixed the issue? 


Should we be powering off the TV after each meeting?  

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Also, I am using a HDMI and USB 3.0 Extension as well.

Hi @jblackwe,


Firstly, regarding the wake-up process, you are correct that when someone wakes up the Logitech Tap, the TV should also wake up simultaneously. However, it's not uncommon to experience a slight delay of around 15 seconds during the initial wake-up.

The real concern is the extended delay of up to 15 minutes when starting a meeting. This can indeed be embarrassing, especially for your CEO. To address this, let's explore some possible solutions:

1. Check TV power settings: Ensure that the TV power settings are configured correctly and that any sleep or power-saving features are disabled. This will prevent unnecessary delays when the meeting starts.

2. TV firmware update: Since your TV is quite old, it's worth checking if there are any firmware updates available from Sharp. Updating the firmware might improve the TV's performance and responsiveness.

3. Power cycling: As a troubleshooting step, you can try powering off the TV completely after each meeting and then turning it back on before the next one. This might help eliminate any lingering issues causing the delay.

4. Testing with another TV: If possible, try connecting a different TV to your Teams room setup to see if the delay issue persists. This will help determine if the problem lies specifically with the current TV or if it's related to the overall setup.

The age and capabilities of the TV can also play a role in its performance.

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Leon Pavesic

Thank you for the reply.

To give you an idea of what I have done.
1. I checked the TV power settings and ensured the sleep and power-saving features are all disabled early last week. This has not made a difference.

2. I have not checked on the firmware option yet, but am considering replacing the TV since they are not that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

3. I had tried power cycling/keeping the TV off until meeting time. This only seemed to work when the Teams Room device is also rebooted.

4. This one is a bit hard to test since it would require pulling the TV down off the wall to reach the connections that would need to be moved to a different TV. If I'm doing that much work, it might be better to just replace the TV anyway.

Do you have much experience with the HDMI extender? This was purchased new in January so hard to believe this something like that could go out so soon. The company that installed all the equipment wants a small fortune to go back out there an look at it. Based on the pictures I have sent, they don't think it's the extender, but I don't know much about these devices.

Thanks again for your time.