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I am experiencing a strange issue with Teams. The window is showing some odd behavior and unusable. I have tried Ctrl - and Ctr + and it just makes the side menu, when I can find it, larger or smaller. I have uninstalled, re-installed, changed screen resolution...

Screenshots here...

Any ideas?



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@JasonJMorgan I'm having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

@Alexander Spanke 

I sure did. If you scroll enough, you'll eventually see the settings gear. You can then select switch view. Pick a different view, and it will apply the new template and it should be fixed. I have done it on 2 units now.

Click on your ID in Teams where you see your image , In the context menu , you will see Zoom Option 










Can you point me to the gear mentioned in your post?

I cannot locate it.


Sure, I was able to scroll down using the scroll wheel on my mouse and I eventually found a gear, or sprocket. When I clicked that, I was able to set the zoom level. I hope this helps.


Sorry. I just started using Teams in place of Zoom for our larger customers demo's and support.

Can you give me more detail as to what's on your screen at the time or provide a screenshot.

I'm lost.


I understand! If you are getting strange, large things on your screen, it can be parts of the letters, borders, etc. If you scroll down far enough, and you may have to use a scroll bar at the bottom for left and right, you can find a gear that looks like


Then, in settings, you should be able to zoom back out. Sorry, I can't reproduce the gear icon at the bottom because I was able to fix mine. 


I manage a team of dev's and I have one looking for gear you mention. Tried everything. In Team help it tells you to use Ctrl + and Ctrl -.
Is there any way we could have a quick Teams mtg with you so you could show us?
Sorry, I can't do a meeting today at all. ctrl + and ctr; - never worked for me. Sometimes, holding control down on the keyboard and scrolling with the mouse wheel works. You can try ctr End too.
Thanks anyway.
If you get time at some point later in the week and you're willing to help us out shoot me a message.