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Hi, with our current PBX we have created a Windows forms application which detects when an incoming call is received on a handset using TAPI. When there is an incoming call we have made it so the window form pops up with the callers details on screen.


Is there something for Teams which can use to detect if a call is incoming from a Windows forms application?



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Hi Daniel, this could be achieved a few ways. You may be able to use the Graph API to develop a similar integration or you could invest in a third party application which provides the ability to query another application when a call is answered:

Graph API:


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Currently there isn't a Microsoft Teams API event for this scenario yet.

As an alternative Landis Technologies has created a Microsoft Teams Agent/Attendant Console client that provides incoming call pop.

Hi @danieldunn100 

Since a few weeks, "Teams Wizard" allows to execute actions (command line or open a URL) on incoming calls. Find all information here: 


@danieldunn100 There is a feature arriving in teams next month that will allow you to achieve the same:


This will allow a web call for an incoming PSTN call that you can then utilise the same way.  GA is scheduled for November according to the website.