Teams phone only option ?

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Is it possible to restrict Teams to only phone calls(Teams to Teams and PSTN)?
Block the remaining features like texting,meetings, file sharing, joining channels, or any other non-phone call feature


This requirement is only for few users , not org wise.

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Yes, it is possible to restrict Teams to only phone calls. To do this, you can create an Office 365 group for the users you want to restrict, and then set the permissions on the group so that only the phone call features are enabled. This will block the remaining features such as texting, meetings, file sharing, joining channels, and any other non-phone call feature for those users. Note that this restriction would only apply to the users in the group, and not to the entire organization.


Unfortunately Microsoft Teams is a collaborative app build for a having a collaboration with all the functionality inbuild into the Teams App like texting, meetings, file sharing, joining channels.

For your scenario I would recommend you to provide the users with either Teams Certified IP Phones or Teams certified SIP Phone which would limit the function to only calling.

Let us know in case you need any additional information.

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Thanks for your reply.

With Custom policies we can block messages and meetings.
Is there a way to block joining public Teams and channels also ?
Thanks for your reply.
The requirement is for factory (mobility) users .
Even though we give certified phones to users, because of the license they have they can still access other features from their account#(may be from desktop) like message , meetings etc.
We would like to limit the visibility of this user only for calling.