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I have a user who is booking a Teams meeting for her delegate.  She wants to add the dial-in information as requested by an attendee. Neither User or Delegate currently has the Audio Conference licence added to their account. 

User will need to book the Teams meeting on behalf of the delegate to include the dial-in information. 1)Who needs the licence? User, Delegate, or both? 

2)The delegate is not attending the meeting. If "enter meeting without host" option needs to be enabled, on which account is this done?


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Good question! Never tried it. Don't think both need it though (not sure to be honest), so perhaps the delegate as I reckon that info will be attached when the delegate uses the Teams meeting add-in. For not attending the meeting it's a combo of meeting policies set up for the org. (default meeting settings) as it's only the meeting organizer who can enter the meeting options. The "Presenter" role and the lobby setting "People I invite", that is anyone who receives the invitation will join the meeting directly are important to set up (*edited for incorrect wording*).

Now I must test this, too curious how the scenario will look like. Let me know if you get it done before I reply.

Adding a couple of links

@ChristianJBergstrom this is an old post, I know, but it’s the only one I found on this topic. Any news about test? :)


I add the following experience about that: calendar delegation only through outlook scenario works if the owner has the audioconf license assigned, the delegated can’t have the license to be assigned.


On the contrary, it seems that if permissions are assigned to the delegate of fullaccess and sendas, the license should also be assigned to the delegate. this scenario needs more tests from my side, but all tests done failed until license assigned to delegated 


  • @Alextt_x8 we were fortunate enough to move to E5 not long after this post, which solved the issues as the audio conference is included. However I do remember finding out that both need the licence. I think
  • Weirdly I have a similar query now about the teams premium licence!