Teams meeting won't end - caller stuck in meeting

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Hi all,


Wondering if anyone has bumped into this or has an idea how to force end a meeting. 


We conducted a meeting yesterday. There was one participant that dialed-in from a landline. The meeting is going on 24 hours. I have tried to "remove participant" unsuccessfully. The participant has tried to sign out, quit Teams, etc. 


I was able to rejoin the meeting and stop recording, but cannot remove the participant via any method. 


Any ideas would be helpful! 




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Hi @Chad Hudson

I would raise a ticket for this with Support via the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre

It seems this isn't an isolated incidence, same thing has been flagged here on this uservoice

And there are several uservoices open to be able to kill the meeting when it is finished

If you do raise to support, would be great to confirm what the root cause of this is and why the user can't be removed

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard thanks for the response and the links, Chris. I did a few searches, but couldn't find anything. I didn't check user voice, though.


I will create a ticket and update if I figure anything out.





That’s great thanks Chad - it’ll really add to the community’s understanding

Best, Chris
What ended up happening here? I got a meeting that appears stuck as well.

@Chris Webb Same Issue Here was just demoing teams meeting functionality and clicked on meet now from conversations tab and meeting won't end. I tried to join multiple times and end the meeting but it won't end. Let me know how to resolve this.

I just waited and it eventually timed out after awhile.

Hello @Chris Webb - how long did you have to wait for the meeting to time out?


Was there any response or resolution?

Encountered a similar problem today.  1 participant would not (could not) leave the meeting, so the meeting remained open in Teams.

My solution/workaround:  As organizer/host, I was able to re-join meeting, pull up the participants tab on right side of screen, right-click and kick-out the zombie participant.  Then, as I was the only one left in the meeting, I closed my connection and the meeting 'ended' in teams.


Sometimes it wont even let you do this. I found that if I call in myself then functionality returns for kicking people.

@Chad Hudson , I encountered the same issue today.  I have been conducting VILT for our staff and for some reason the "end meeting" option is not visible/missing from where it's supposed to be.

a student started two diffrent meetings in a Team that is available for all students in the college, but she didn't end them. I am not the organizer so I cannot end the meetings. We tried deleting her from the team, didn't work. How long will the meeting last, and is there a way to force ending a meeting? 

@Chad Hudsoni wanna kill teams to so we can be the rulers of the galaxy together @darthvader 



@Chad Hudson Still having this issue almost 2 years later, Teams this is ridiculous. Microsoft employee here utilizing Teams for a live broadcast of products to our customers during COVID. We've had nothing but issues over the last few weeks with this. Everyone is hard lined into the network, our speed is high quality but yet our video lags, our content is blurry and audio cuts out. It doesn't matter what device or accounts we are on. We attempt to leave the call and rejoin but the account gets stuck in the call and won't let us boot it out. We have to make alternate meeting invites and send to our customers. This does NOT reflect well on MS and can severely damage our sales. 

@KatHobson89  Same here. I need to end meetings when everyone has left. And then as I join new ones, this old meeting is still running. The only way I can end it is by cancelling the entire meeting but that means no proof the meeting ever existed. Its bad. No one from Microsoft has answered you?



Use the end meeting from the dropdown next to leave




End a Teams meeting for everyone in attendance (


If this doesn't kill it then rejoin and manually boot everyone via the people roster.


Best, Chris