Teams Meeting Recording without Stream

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Don't know if something has changed but our users are now able to record meetings without Stream.

We have stream disabled (don't ask) both in licensing and in AzureAD Enterprise Apps but users are able to record meetings, get transcripts, download etc.


Has something changed Microsoft's end?

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User needs to be licensed to upload/download meetings to/from Microsoft Stream, however they do not need the license to record a meeting. If you wish to block a user from recording a Microsoft Teams Meeting, you must grant a TeamsMeetingPolicy that has AllowCloudRecording set to $False.



May I ask why you disabled Stream? :) Sorry, no I will not ask that...

@Linus Cansbythanks that's what I thought, but users are able to download meetings.

Is downloading meeting inside teams different from downloading from Stream?


Stream being disabled is a legacy thing, the university has a service called Panopto which is used for Lecture capture and video distribution, perceived conflict with stream

Be sure your users does not have a Stream license assigned.

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


3 of us have it enabled for testing purposes.

There are only 3 users assigned to stream in the Azure Portal as well.

Yes, there it is possible to download a recording direct from Teams. I've only seen it when there been problem uploading to Stream and then users get the option to download direct from Teams.

If it is uploaded to Stream it will say something like "Your recording is ready in Stream now".

@Linus Cansby 

What kind of solutions do you mean? I know we could record a video call with any third party application but do you know a way to download a recorded video from Teams when you don't have a Stream license?
We don't have a Stream license at all as our package don't contain it.
Currently, we can record meetings with Teams, we can replay the videos but we can't download it. 

Maybe @techienick can show how it looks when you record and download without having Stream enabled?

@Linus CansbyRecording is done in the teams client, no 3rd party addons.


I've got a stream license so can't test, but our users are reporting

"I am able to record a Teams meeting, you need be the person creating the meeting. It recorded: camera (video), audio and screen sharing , not the IM chat. The file appears in the Teams meeting conversation from where it can be downloaded. Downloads to my PC's Download folder as an MP4. "
"I tested it with a training account. The training account was invited to the Teams meeting via the Outlook. The training account was able to download the video file. 
The mp4 file downloads from"


I appreciate your quick answer!
Yes, our recordings appear in the conversation but I don't know why I can see only these menu items when I click on the ... on the video.



Could you tell me where is the download command for your users?
(the Open in Microsoft Stream doesnt work of course)

@-Zsombor-  One of our users has given me this

MS Teams: Recording meetings March 2020

1). Record the meeting - option for the meeting organiser


2). When hanging up


3). A link to the meeting recording is added to the Teams channel conversation


4). Both the meeting organiser and the invited person in my test could download the MP4 file.

The test account was using a web browser and the source of the download was visible to that user



Thank you for trying to help me!

That's strange. Now I tried it in the web browser but it's the same as in the native client and it differs from what you mentioned here.

After I record a meeting the recorded video appears in the chat but different way as for you. 



 I get a preview picture, and when I click on the picture it starts playing / I can't download it - I don't get any option to download....



@-Zsombor-That's what's confusing things.  What you experience is what I would expect.  Anyhow asked our TAM to investigate, might be because we are technically licensed for stream.

@techienick  :) As I thought is it because I don't have a Stream license I bought an Office 365 E3 license for my user yesterday which contains a licence for Stream too. I thought it will change the situation but nothing changed. Unfortunately I even still don't have access to Stream (

So now I'm really sad.


ok, I've got the solution. The Steam website doesn't work with the new Edge with Chromium....that's all ;)

@Zsombor Fritz - can you elaborate on your comment? I know there was a developer build of Edge a few weeks back that resulted in unusual behavior on, but that was resolved. I'm not aware of any issues with the public build of Edge. Could you confirm which version of Edge you are using (which I think is 80.0.361.111), and whether others in your organization with the same build are seeing the same issue?



best response confirmed by Chris Knowlton (Microsoft)

Here is a bit more detail on the entire process: a meeting is recorded in the Teams service, and it remains there until it can upload it to Stream.  Once it can upload it to Stream, a link to the recording in Stream is inserted in the related Team channel or chat, and it the video remains in Stream only.  If the recording can't be uploaded to Stream, for whatever reason (maybe the user doesn't have access to Stream or the user doesn't have a license to Stream), it remains in the Teams service for 7 days (this has been recently increased to 20 days) and a user can download it from Teams and move it somewhere else (since the user can't access Stream, he or she can upload it to the files tab in Teams or his OneDrive for Business, as an example).  The number of days can NOT be changed, because it's really just a temporary place to store the recording until it can get moved to Stream.  After the deadline, the video is deleted from the service for good.  I hope that helps you understand why different people see different things (once user can access Stream, and the other cannot). 

Hi Dave, that's really useful information to know, and exactly what I was looking for.

Hi @Dave Gorgone 

thank you for the details! helps a lot.

One problem is that we can't automate that upload with power automate / neither from Stream nor from Teams...

The second problem is that the remaining days not visible for the users. 

Have a nice weekend


@Chris Knowlton


sure. I can still reproduce the problem. 

Edge version is: up to date DEV 83.0.478.10


When I copy a video link from MS Teams with ... / "Get link" - "Get Stream Link" / Copy 
a nd try to open it in Edge, I get now this error


But I can open it with Edge.