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Twice recently I've had a Teams meeting where there has been 10 participants inclusive of myself. Of the 9 participants displayed on screen, only 6 displayed have video. Other participants in the call can see all 9 other participants. Is this a setting issue which I'm not aware of, or is there a bug fix for this?


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Hi, in the new meeting experience when I believe there are 10 or more participants, regardless of how many have a video feed you will have the option to switch into large gallery view.

You also get together mode 5 or more, which I highly recommend checking out.

To have the new meeting experience you will need to ensure your teams client is upto date. Normally happens automatically. Click on your profile icon/ initials, settings, check the box for new meeting experience and restart.

A tell tale sign that you might already be using the new experience and therefore just need to choose the different options when in a meeting is if the meeting starts in a separate window.



Make sure to update your MS Teams Version by left-clicking your profile, select 'check for Updates', once completed, restart TEAMS @PSherwood 

Dear @HenryPhillipsNimbitech 


Thanks for the tip. However, your response does not answer the question.



  • I have the same issue: 3x3 grid shows for some participants icons only, while I can see their video in the gallery view. > i.e. all participants have camera turned on.
  • Connections in house are hardwired UTP Cat5e, our bandwith / subscription is 1 Gb glassfiber

What to do in order to see all video's, regardless my choise of grid-type?
MS Teams client is up to date.


I'm seeing a similar issue as well. It started for me in probably early September (possibly August). I can't see all participants' videos, even when others can see those videos. It seems I can see everyone who joined before I joined, but cannot see anyone's video who joined after me. This is very frustrating as it makes collaboration much harder when you can't see people's faces!

A workaround, which I'm gettting very tired of doing!!, is to leave & rejoin after everyone, or to use the browser version of Teams instead of the desktop app. A teammate of mine reported seeing the issue last week or so as well. This indicates to me that the error is more widespread, and also means the first workaround won't work for both of us (because if either of us join after the other, we can't see the other's screen).

We have tried re-installing Teams, restarting the computer, and clearing just about all temp files in Windows CMD > %tmp%, prefetch, and doing a Disk Cleanup, and signing in & out of teams. None of these things have worked.

Possibly relatedly, I often seem to get an issue where I try to Leave the meeting, and it won't let me. I have to force quit Teams in the Task Manager to get it to close.

I just started having the exact issue. I can't see anyone who logs in after me (when more than one other is person on the call) but when I leave and come back I can see all participants. Have you been able to resolve this?
I have been having the exact same issue for the past 3 weeks.
Same "workaround" :leaving and re-joining ... but then some other colleagues have the same issue and apply the same workaround .... so it's a never ending story !

I experience similar things, but I thought it had to do with using NDI which I do. There are some really weird bugs using Video from some guests disappear but can be "reconnected" swapping between "Gallery" and "Large Gallery".


We use Teams to connect speakers to our live streaming events using vMix and NDI. First I must say that Teams with NDI works A LOT BETTER the last month than ever! CPU and GPU usage has decreased tremendously, but now we have new serious issues after update to


In detail: I connect to a meeting and my guests for the live event. I enable NDI and can after that tie them to NDI-channels in vMix as inputs to get their video into the show. The strange thing is that members that connect after NDI is enabled do not always have a video visible in the Teams App (for me) and I can't get their video into vMix - but their name is there, their audio is working and other members in the Teams meeting can see their video. The strange thing is if I now swap to "Large Gallery" from "Gallery", the video starts for all those where there was no video - both in the Teams App and as NDI sources. The same thing happens if you swap from "Large Gallery" to "Gallery".

This workaround works for the time being, but I need more than 10 persons in the meeting to be able to swap galleries (as Large gallery needs 10 or more attendees). And sometime you just have 5 guests or so in a live event.


Strange enough video for one or more guests can also suddenly disappear or freeze during a session and what is really weird is that the OTHER guests can still see the video of those members. When this happens I quickly swap gallery mode and the video starts again.


It seems that this has something to do with NDI. I have tried to toggle NDI off/on during a session, but that trick does not start the video - but as said, swapping gallery mode gets the video back again. ​


I would really appreciate a bug fix of this problem - or explain why I have this problem.


Sooo... I just found another workaround: switch to together mode - when coming back to the "normal mode" you can see everyone
Having similar issues when Teams freeze. The strange thing is that when i kill Teams in Task Manager, some (2-5) processes still run as background processes and they are really hard to kill. You have to chose "Go to Details" and kill tasks there and usually multiple times to kill them all. If you don't kill them all, Teams will not start at all. Something weird is going on there...

Please be ware of the current advisories in Service health that are perhaps related to the recent messages.




Okay, thx for that valuable information! Good to know that MS are aware of it and that a fix is coming. According to my findings the relief described by MS to disable and re-enable video has not been a workaround that worked for me. But as I mentioned earlier swapping gallery modes works. As OlivChaff mentioned swapping to Together mode might also work.

For what it's worth, I can just confirm that you can restart the failing videos in three ways:
1. Swap gallery mode
2. Swap to Together mode
3. Turn off all incoming video and then turn on again

One question to the expected fix on October 12: When MS say that this fix will be released, is this something in the backbone or is it related to the app...? Or both? If it happens immediately behind the scenes is one thing, but if you have to wait before the app is deployed inside our organization is another...

still we have an issue for particular users, do this bugfix due date (2021.10.12) was exact?

Not sure if the fix is deployed. We have internally the same version of the app as before ( But I'm not sure if this bug fix is a backend cloud/server fix that "just happens", or if it actually is a fix that requires an update of the app. Perhaps both...?
I'll note that as of approx. 10/26, I'm no longer seeing this issue (was seeing it 10/25). I don't believe I restarted Teams, logged out, or restarted my computer since then, so it seems the change was automatically pushed somehow. Very relieved to have this functionality back!
Similar issue for us with a handful of users where the video feed does not display. This is across multiple devices and does not matter if they are on the corporate network or home internet. The web version does not replicate the issue and it appears to work fine in the IOS app.

Ditto for me.  This is exactly what is happening to me and it started about 2 weeks ago.  @Nat_E 

@nimsa13 I haven't been seeing this for like a year or two now actually, and haven't noticed it recently.  Maybe Microsoft pushed another update that's causing it for some folks.  I listed a workaround, and Peter Berglund pointed out another easier workaround that iirc worked for me.  Specifically you can switch between different views, like Gallery / Large Gallery, or Together Mode for smaller meetings I think, to start showing everyone's videos.  Hope that helps for now until they fix it.

@Nat_E thanks. I tried all the galleries based on what I read online, but I don’t have access to large gallery, because the meeting is less than 10. It just started about a couple weeks ago.

I do believe that I could see the person who signed in before me, so I’ll try signing out and signing in last as long as no one else has the issues I’m having. But that’s only a workaround, so I hope you can fix this. I’m sure it’s not just me and I’m sure you know that.