Teams Meeting - Not displaying all participants

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Twice recently I've had a Teams meeting where there has been 10 participants inclusive of myself. Of the 9 participants displayed on screen, only 6 displayed have video. Other participants in the call can see all 9 other participants. Is this a setting issue which I'm not aware of, or is there a bug fix for this?


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Hi, in the new meeting experience when I believe there are 10 or more participants, regardless of how many have a video feed you will have the option to switch into large gallery view.

You also get together mode 5 or more, which I highly recommend checking out.

To have the new meeting experience you will need to ensure your teams client is upto date. Normally happens automatically. Click on your profile icon/ initials, settings, check the box for new meeting experience and restart.

A tell tale sign that you might already be using the new experience and therefore just need to choose the different options when in a meeting is if the meeting starts in a separate window.