Teams Meeting Add-in missing in Outlook as an option

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hello! I am hoping that someone can shed some light on this issue

The teams meeting add-in used to work in Outlook. you could click on the button and launch a meeting via teams. about 2 weeks ago it just up and disappeared. 

I am now being told by Microsoft that the only way to resolve this is by creating a new profile? 
We have 150 users in AAD. This isn't a viable solution. 

We are considering launching Audio Conferencing and have just started the pilot. 

But now, the Teams meeting add-in in outlook is gone. 

I've tried readding it to my calendar ribbon and it shows up in the ribbon, but is grayed out. 

There is tons of documentation about how to use the Teams meeting add in yet it doesn't seem like any one team will take on ownership and correct the broken button via DLL and registry entry. 
Has anyone out there had this happen within their tenant? What was the resolution if any? 

Also! There is no registry entry where there should be: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins

AND: the DLL does not exist. 

See the attachment JPG for error 


Thank you. 

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