Teams Loop Meeting Agenda - Sharing Permissions

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Hi everyone,

Trying to fully understand loop component sharing permissions when adding loop agenda to a teams meetings. Hope someone can help clarify because does not seem right.



Our default SharePoint/OneDrive tenant sharing default setting is set to: Specific Only(only the people the user specifies)


User creates Teams meeting in Teams and add Agenda(loop) when creating meeting. Adds several users and saves it.


If user copies the Agenda loop component sharing link to an email to be forwarded to the meeting participants, Outlook warns that those recipients don't have access.



I understand that our default sharing option is set to specific people and has implications into loop based on the known issues page found here.... but would like clarification.

1- Is this working as designed? the meeting organizer will have to find all meeting participants manually and add to sharing link?

2- The end goal here is that would like to make sure that when an organizer creates a meeting, adds 50 ppl to meeting and adds the agenda to that meeting, that all meeting invites automatically get access to the agenda sharing link.


Hope someone can share their experiences and best practices.

thank you in advance.







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