Teams Live Events - PowerPoint not showing in full screen & sharing control of screen




I have a few presenters that are having trouble sharing their PowerPoint presentation in full screen mode on a Teams Live Event.  It is showing as presenter view on their computer but it isn't showing through to the Live Event screen, is there a solution to this or is it down to poor bandwidth on their part?


Also, presenters can ask other presenters to share control of their screen, but as a producer I seem unable to do this, has anyone else come across this and have a solution?


I was thinking as a producer from my top query, I could potentially share a presenter's presentation so that it shows as full presenter mode and then give the presenter control of the screen so that they can move the slides along when they need to.


Hopefully someone can help, thanks.

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I have the same problem. Help needed. thanks.

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@CharCartwright Hi, you can switch in full screen mode just after sending the presentation to queue (left box). It's not very comfortable but right now it's the only way.

@reneb7 Why is this happenig only on some computers? Is it windows version, or PPT version?



@rfavini The previous question was actually directed to your answer...