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We work in Citrix fulltime in fullscreen mode. Teams is installed locally on the computer. 

For the past two weeks we've noticed a change in Teams. In the past the Teams incoming dialog would pop in front of everything. However this is no longer the case.


We can hear that there is an incoming call.

When we switch from our full screen Citrix windows to the local desktop we see the Teams Window, but the incoming call dialog is not visible. The only way to answer it is to ALT-TAB.


Can we change the behavior to bring back the dialog to the front? Or to make it visible in the task bar?


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@IngeniumGwen Ich habe das gleiche Problem wenn ich mit anderen Anwendungen (z.B. Remote Desktop) im Vollbild arbeite. Bis vor kurzem kam der Dialog zum Annehmen des Anrufs noch automatisch in den Vordergrund, was sehr angenehm und hilfreich war.


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@IngeniumGwen This is also happening for one of our clients. All users are affected. They are using RDP. There is not a problem when using other software, e.g. WhatsApp.


I would appreciate a response from Microsoft on this matter.



Hi, wir haben gerade das gleiche Problem... Habt Ihr den Fehler finden können? Seitdem wir das Teams Update installiert haben, funktioniert die Overlay Funktion nicht mehr. Wenn Citrix (VDI, RDP) im Vollbild läuft, sehe ich nur, dass mein Headset blinkt, dass Fenster ist im Hintergrund leider.. 

Hi, we're having the same problem... Did you find the error? Since we installed the team update the overlay function doesn't work anymore. When Citrix (VDI, RDP) is running in full screen, I only see my headset flashing, the window is in the background.


@AlexanderWojtchek We still have this annoying issue :(


Any news about this?,  I have same problem.  



Ich habe dazu ein Call bei Microsoft eröffnet. Bisher wurde die Service Anfrage (Ticket) angenommen. Microsoft will jetzt intern prüfen, ob das Problem bekannt ist.. Bisher keine Lösung unsererseits.. :( 


Auch mit der neuen Teams Version besteht der Fehler leider..


I have opened a call to Microsoft for this purpose. So far the service request (ticket) was accepted. Microsoft now wants to check internally if the problem is known. So far no solution on our part... :( 


Also with the new team version the error exists unfortunately.


I am also having this issue. Started happening a couple of weeks ago.

Also using Citrix, but Teams pop-up appears behind everything outside of Citrix as well (have to minimize down to desktop to answer call).


I presume this is a bug with the latest Teams update. I hope they will fix this!