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We are setting up Microsoft Teams in our organization for the first time and looking for guidance on governance.


Once we nail down the Teams/Channel structure, we want to be able to automate adding users to these Teams/Channels in the future during our New Hire On-boarding process.

Using the below structure as an example, is it possible to have users added to specific Teams and/or Channels based on the Department used in the User's profile in Azure/O365? I.e., if "Marketing," add the user to the Contoso > General, Contoso > Marketing, Southwest Region > Marketing and Northwest Region > Marketing automatically?

Contoso (Team)
-General (All employees Channel)
-Accounting & Finance (Channel)
-Marketing (Channel)



Southwest Region (Team)
-General (Channel)
-Acquisitions & Development (Channel)
-Construction (Channel)
-Leasing (Channel)
-Marketing (Channel)

Northwest Region (Team)
General (Channel)
Acquisitions & Development (Channel)
Construction (Channel)
Leasing (Channel)
Marketing (Channel)




Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you! 



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Yes, it's absolutely possible but through a kind of custom self service you build as a Teams App (There can be different alternatives for building it) provide to your users so they can make requests of new Teams following your governance rules and those Teams are created programmatically behind the scenes. This approach also imply you will be disabling Teams creation in your tenant

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín - thank you. Do you have direction on what documentation or anything like that I could follow online to accomplish that? I poked around quite a bit yesterday but not finding a sound solution that you describe. 


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