Teams errors: "chat is no longer available" but is still available when pop-out...

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I have a problem in Microsoft Teams (desktop & web app) related to external users.

For an user that have communicated perfectly yesterday, today I receive his messages but I can't reply. I have instead an message: "Due to org policy changes, this chat is no longer available. Continue with Skype for Business".


First why "Continue with Skype for Business"?... when is phasing out?

Second, and most strange - if I pop-out the chat window I can communicate without any problem.


Tried "check for updates" in the desktop app but no updates available, and this behavior is reproductible in the web teams app except here I cannot "pop-out" the chat to continue.


What could be the problem?


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@Lucian_C  Even we are facing the same issue from today aftenoon. Do you have any further updates on this issue ?

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Hi, it’s been an incident in the infrastructure (now solved) that was not performing as expected and resulting in impact for the Teams service. This is most likely the issue as it worked for you before today.

When these kind of errors occurs it’s always best to contact Microsoft support by opening a service request.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom,


Indeed, now the problem it seems to be solved.


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I had one user that had this problem on Friday and as of today this problem still exists.  She has logged out and back in, restarted the app many times, and is having this problem on two different computers.  All others in the organization are able to chat with External users without problem, I have checked the user in the Admin console and she is setup the same as all other users.  We have only one policy for all users.

Hi, best opening a ticket with Microsoft support.


Title: Some users may have been unable to send or receive chat messages, or load chat data within Microsoft Teams


User Impact: Users may have been unable to send or receive chat messages, or load chat data within Microsoft Teams.


Final status: We've identified that a section of infrastructure, responsible for processing chat message requests, was not performing as expected. Our automated recovery system repaired this problem, and we confirmed that service was restored after monitoring the environment.


Scope of impact: Impact was specific to users who were served through the affected infrastructure located in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.


This user CAN send chat messages to External Users but only if she uses the "Pop Out" option.  We are based in the Southeast US

I have doing same issue all the time, only works with external people while the meeting time, after that i lost the chat and call features with external people.