Teams desktop app continues to ring after incoming call answered on another device

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Win 10 (Latest public release)
Teams desktop app Version (64-bit)
Teams-Only Org
PSTN/Phone System/Calling Plan

Using a Teams desk phone (Yealink), Teams mobile app (Android), and Teams desktop app (Windows 10) all simultaneously logged into the same user account.


When someone calls said user, all devices ring properly, however, if the call is answered on either the desktop Yealink phone, or on the mobile app, the desktop app continues to ring..and ring..and ring...even after the call is terminated. Same thing happens is someone calls said phone and it goes to voice mail. The app continues to ring. 


Can anyone in the community provide some guidance or experience troubleshooting this issue?



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We are experiencing the same issues, @Bob Manjoney.  Have you received any response or guidance?



Responded in the other thread as guidance, only workaround is that people log out of the app when they are in the office using the desk phones. Crazy.

I have found that deleting and reinstalling Team on the phone resolves this issue. 



I am also having the issue with most of my users. Has Teams come out with any known issues on this? Users say they have to restart their cell phone to get it to stop ringing. Pretty ridiculous. @Bob Manjoney 

Might be the same root cause as this issue with Teams's "test call" feature:


Note that at this time there doesn't appear to be a proper fix for the test call issue.

@Bob Manjoney When this happens at our office we have found the only way to get the phone to stop ringing is to press the PC button on the Yealink base. I wish I had the time to troubleshoot this. It's a shame to see it's been going on for so long.