Teams client kills network performance

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Hello.  I have two Microsoft Surface devices, one SB2 and one Surface Laptop 2, both on Windows 10.  Both of them, over the last few months, have experienced significant wifi and wired network slowdown.  I have 1.2Gb Xfinity service and I was lucky to get 100Mbps speeds on Ookla and Xfinity speed test sites.  I've spent time with Comcast people analyzing my Gateway, testing my connected devices, etc. to no avail.  To them, everything was provisioned and functioning correctly. 


They suggested that maybe it was an app running on my laptops, or perhaps a windows config setting.  Since I run the Teams client on both devices, on a whim, I signed off and killed the Teams client, and magically, my network speed came back to where it should be.  I repeated the speed tests over 10 minutes or so just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, but it remained fast.  So I restarted the Teams client, and I was right back where I started, at 60-90Mbps, and rarely above.  I repeated stopping and starting Teams on both laptops and checking speed multiple times and sure enough, Teams was the culprit.  So for the time being, I'm using Teams from the browser which doesn't seem to have this problem, but would love to know why this is happening.  BTW, this happens when Teams is idle, so it's not just when there are active meetings.


I saw another post on a MS forum about soemthing similar, but there wasn't really any resolution.  Coincidentally, this person also was using a Surface device.  



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