Teams chat history Migration from one tenant to another tenant

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Teams chat history Migration from one tenant to another tenant, need process for migration

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Hi @PrashanthKasula There is a past post in this community that may help address your request: Migrate chat history Teams - Microsoft Tech Community


You can also make a feature request at the Teams feedback portal.  There is already one there that may be what you're looking for (if not, feel free to create a new one and others can vote on it): Enable import / Export for data migration between tenants · Community (

Thanks Theresa for your reply

If there is any Easy tool or alternative ways to migrate teams please let us know
Sharegate as mentioned in the referred article

BitTitan too:

Either one of these should be able to do what you need.

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A bit expensive small and mid size organization cannot afford

Is there any free tool or proceess



Sure I understand. 


Not AFAIK, I mean I have been migrating Exchange and SharePoint more than 10 years, for example when mailbox migrations used to manual and required physical migration of PST files over SFTP servers, doing exmerge and the like: I can honestly say having personally moved about 1/2 million users to 365 in my career that a migration tool is necessary to automate the process, ensure the fidelity of the migration, but also support in case anything goes wrong with the tool. Migration tools are quite well known for having errors. 


I hope you find something out there, or somebody else suggests something which fits your needs, however I would go back to the clients and say that is the price for ensuring that the data is safely moved over without issue, a proven tool with hundreds or thousands of migrations already conducted. 


Best, Chris

Thanks Chris for your response
I would recommend Apps4Pro Migration Manager to migrate Teams chats. This is the only migration app which does real migration of chats (not conversation history folder alone, users can see the chats in Teams post migration).

Will the migrated chat appear on the destination as READ or UNREAD message?@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

@VivekPrabhu The messages will appear as UNREAD in the target. 

If you are seeking to know Microsoft Teams Migration Tool. Then, here are the two methods to do it : manual & automated methods. Through these two methods users can easily and quickly get the solution for their problems without installing any other tool.

Kernel Microsoft Teams Migration is another excellent tool one can use to migrate Microsoft Teams chat history. The tool provides the most user friendly interface to perform tenant to tenant migration.


To get complete overview about the procedure, checkout

check this migration tool. It migrates the chat history:
I highly recommend using Altosio for migrating private chats and direct messages between Teams. This is the only solution of the market that does not require the end user intervention or them entering their password. The migration is seamless without the hassle of the end-users.