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We have users who are no longer able to edit documents uploaded by another user in a 1-on-1 conversation.  I found suggestions that the uploaded would need to go and change permissions to the files form can view to can edit.  I am curious why this would suddenly stop working and they would have to make this change on every file.  Also is there a way to set it up so that everytime they uploaded a doc to a 1-on-1 convo that the other users get edit permissions by default?


and just out of curiosity, since all files uploaded to chats go into the "Teams Chat files" folder on the uploaders PC, how can the other person make a change if the uploader is offline?


thank you

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@CCOSysadmin The Teams chat files isn't just a local file folder, it's actually stored in the users OneDrive folder called that, the user just has that folder synced locally if they see it local on the machine which is why users can edit / view while offline. 


As for the read, it looks like it's changed for everything. I just tested and getting the same thing as it appears to be generating links now instead of direct permissions to the documents. I know a new sharing system is coming where you can inline set permissions on files, but you would think they would have the UI/UX in place to support that prior to changing how it sets permissions on the backend. I'll bring this up as a bug to MS 



** Well as I typed this I found something out. I was on public preview and switched to non preview Teams and it has the New Sharing functionality. If you aren't on public preview I would have your users check for updates and or sign out / in so it has latest client and then they will be able to set the permissions to edit right from the file upload link in the chat to "Users can edit" etc. it's a new feature. If it doesn't work after that then it must be rolling out. Funny thing is, you would think the "Public Preview" would have this already in it.... ugh.