Teams calls menu view layout

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I have a problem with Calls menu layout with one of our users in company. The view of Calls menu is divided into 3 columns (history in the middle and speed dial on the right, teams_screen2 in attachment). This layout is impractical and user wants to restore back old layout (teams_screen1 in attachment). We check versions of Teams in other users and all have The problem does not occur with others users.


Is there a way to change layout of this menu?

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@JakubTomczyk I wish I had the answer. I am one of only a few in my orgnization that have this new view, which is terrible.  Speed dial is not alphabetical either, it's maddening!


Hi Jakub.

We have the exact same problem and cannot find a solution?  

@JakubTomczyk We are frustrated the same.  I submitted to complaint to user voice but have never had luck getting things changed there either.  So unusable.

Please fix this Microsoft.... enough is enough.... you're already falling behind  Zoom and these kind of mess-up changes are not helping.