Teams calling issue | "The person you’re trying to reach isn’t available. Try again later”

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Dear Teams

We use Microsoft teams extensively in my office to run our daily activities but few of our users is having problems making/receiving voice calls on teams application. The web application work very well.


According to the error, we get this error message notification, “The person you’re trying to reach isn’t available. Try again later” and he also gets a similar error message when he tries to reach any others.


Please note that we have already reinstall the teams many times. Request you to please check and let us know what needs to be done.

I appreciate if any help with this!

Thank you,

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Hi @ashokgaikwad007 


Few Questions which should solve the problem.


1. What is the Mode are we running on? Teams Only Mode or Island Mode?

2. In case you are running on Island mode can you please ask the user to Start Skype for Business Application all the calls should start working. Please confirm if this works.

3. Please move to Teams Only Mode and the calls should start working instantly.


Let me know if my understanding is correct about your environment.


With Regards,

Satish U

@Satish2805 - Thank you for your help and support.

As requested I have already go through the Teams Admin center and check the Teams upgrade details as suggested. It seems like the settings are correct.

When the user makes a call it went through. However, none of the users connect through him using Teams apps ( web application working fine). I checked that the issue persists.

Let me know there is another way.



I have having a similar issue.  This feature worked fine several weeks ago and all of a sudden stopped working. I have also had the Admin check the settings.  I get different errors in the client than I do with the web version, but same result - The call does not go through.



My Teams has been working well until last week when it started giving me this error when I called students or they call me. I am on the web NOT the app. The app whiteboard does not work well on my Mac so I have to use Teams on the web. What could be causing this new issue of me and my students receiving this error?

@mlordSammen patten. Some in organisation can now call anther inter person. Other can call him.  The hole domin,  Is now running team only. And It work on the web application.