Teams Attendance not recorded

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Is there a reason to why when Im in a Teams meeting it does not record my attendance? 

It's showing as if i didn't attend the meeting at all. 

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Hello, first time I've heard that! Do you have the attendance report yourself as an organizer or has someone told you this? Personal meeting or channel meeting? You can create an own test meeting for the purpose and start a recording and wait for the attendance report to be populated when you end it. If it's blank I suggest you sign out and try again and if still an issue you should create a support ticket. If not an admin yourself reach out to yours.
This happened to you too?
I thought I was the only one. I attended a meeting in teams but then my teacher said I wasn't there at all. I was confused, I was there but why did teams did not record my presence. I was upset since how could it happen. Please fix this bug ASAP, since I was affected.