Teams Admin Center and Multiple Logins

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Being a consultant, I regularly have to access the Teams Admin Center (TAC) using different logins.  With any of the Microsoft Office suite of applications this is a freaking nightmare.  Process essentially goes something like:


  • Login using primary user, do stuff for my tenant
  • Click sign out
  • Sign in as a different user
  • See if you're lucky and it actually uses the right tenant ID

I've cleared all *Office*, *teams*,*sharepoint*,*microsoft* cookies from my browser, and I'm currently stuck in a situation where the browser prompts for my credentials when I access the TAC, I enter my credentials, TAC starts loading then redirects to one of my customer's ADFS servers.  I cannot find out what is causing my login sessions to retain the customers' session data, short of purging all my cookies.  I even tried incognito mode, but the browser rejected one of the pages because the page security said inline javascript wasn't allowed, and then had inline javascript.


Anybody else manage multiple customers, and have to go through this battle?  Azure has this solved with their menu when you're signed into multiple tenants, why can't the rest of Office365 use the same login stuffs?

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Hello, I hear you. You should be able to use InPrivate and Incognito sessions though.

@ChristianJBergstromI'd think the same too, however FireFox at least seems to have a hissy fit with it.


Once sign-in has started, TAC starts loading, then hits this page:



Which fails with unsafe-inline javascript.



I was thinking it might be uBlock Origin, but it's disable in incognito, and if it was that extension, I'd expect it to break in a regular browser session.


That said, this is the Azure experience when I'm signed into several customers.


I don't have to sign out, I can click my icon in the top right, and just select the other account and the tenants swap. Like somebody actually thought about being able to manage multiple organizations.