Team issue- can't schedule meetings

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I moved my email from Zoho to Outlook and part of the new package is Teams. When I had Zoho I couldn't schedule meeting on Teams through the app or any other way. I though  I did not have an outlook account that's why. The same issue persists even after getting the outlook business email package. I tried re-installing Teams but nothing works. Any advice. Thanks

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Are you running the free version or payed version of Microsoft Teams? In the free version scheduling meetings is not included.



@Linus Cansby  Hi Thank you for trying to help. initially I installed the free version when I had Zoho. I bought Office 365 Business essential that comes with the regular Teams. I thought I needed to delete and reinstall the Teams app but that did not help. I'm not sure if I need to change my office profile or how to do that, to get the TEAMS to switch from the free version. I bought another Office business essential and that worked without any issues and I can get the full Teams when I log in. The difference is that the second one was never on ZOHO, it was a new account. So with one account I get the full Teams and the other is still limited. Any thoughts?

You have to upgrade your free Teams to paid Teams. Follow the instructions here:

hi I read the solution was to upgrade from free. I am using a corporate Office 365 account. I and the faculty I gathered on our Team cannot schedule meetings. Icon and functionality is not there. Need a different solution.


@LColizza_McMaster2020 Can you explain some more? Is it the Teams meeting icon you are missing in Outlook? Can you schedule a meeting from Teams calendar? Can you see the Teams calendar? Can you start an ad-hoc meeting using the "Meet now" in Teams calendar?

@Linus CansbyGot the same problem. Corporate office, latest version. Reinstalled everything from portal on internet. I have the "Teams meeting" icon when I create a meeting, click it, and boom... error!

Is there any fix to this? I see this error everywhere on internet forums with no solution yet.


@llagos You also don't have Outlook? "boom error", can you explain more?

@Linus Cansby I do have outlook. The whole package. Teams, Outlook, etc. latest versions...

"boom error" means when I click on the "Teams meeting" icon on the outlook meeting... see screenshot attached...



@llagos If you schedule a meeting from Teams calendar, does that work?

@Linus CansbyYes. I can... thanks for that tip. However, I'd very much like to do it from Outlook since as company policy, when we create a meeting, we use the last email received (drag an email and drop it on the calendar icon).


@llagos Then we know that it works to create meetings at least. Do you know if others at your company have the same problem or is it only your computer? If it is only you that have this problem I would suggest uninstalling Teams, clear cache and reinstall. If that doesn't work reinstall Outlook (Office Pro Plus).

@Linus Cansby Actually, our accounts are Google Suite.. they will be migrated to Microsoft accounts this weekend, so maybe that's the culprit... I'd better wait for the migration and try again.

I don't see a reason why a meeting I create in Teams should appear on my G-Suite calendar, right?


@Linus Cansby Hello, I have the same issue 
- cannot schedule meeting neither from Outlook or Teams application
- I use company license - my colleagues use the same, but do not have this problem 
- In the application I do not see Calendar and Schedule meeting option at all - see attachment 

@marintanev I think there is some problem with your mailbox. Either it is not moved to Exchange Online or Teams can't access it. I think you should check with Microsoft Support for this.



I have the same problem. I upgraded from the free version to the paid version and all of a sudden I can not schedule meetings anymore. It was possible as long as I had the free version. Now it´s not possible anymore. There is no icon for meetings, no icon for the calendar. 

How can I get help to fix this problem? 


Yesterday I upgraded from the free version to Teams Essentials for £3 a month which was easy and went well.

The problem I'm having now is when I click on Meet Later , Schedule a meeting, Add details, then try and put attendees in it will not allow people on and blue but is ok with gmail,, etc.

I spent about an hour on live chat last night and they couldn't even help me so what is the point of having it.