Tab Q&A in Channel Meeting Dissapeared

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I held a meeting from Channel and there was a Q&A in the meeting. After the meeting I want to see the archive of the Q&A. People told me there is a "tab Q&A" in the details of meeting to see my Q&A. But I try to find it and I cant find it anywhere, from browser, apps, and mobile.

Please help me, where I can found my Q&A Acrhive.
Because my boss told me to analyze and make a report from it,

thank you

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Hello, I don't know how it disappeared for you,
but I tried to add it again to a meeting that has a Q&A tab using the + sign near the tabs and selected Q&A and it was added to the meeting
When meeting was held, the Q&A tab appeared and people could join to ask.
But the problem is after the meeting, I want to see the archive of the Q&A. Some people told me that there is Q&A tab in meeting details. But I cant find it in mine and my member who joined too
Did you try opening the meeting chat and adding the Q&A tab?